Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust you?

You can Follow us on Facebook to learn more about our many happy customers

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How do I Contact Bewell South Africa

You Whatsapp us on 0832309170 

How do payments work?

We use PayFast as our payments gateway. With PayFast, credit card payments are easy, but you do not have to supply your credit card details if you do not want to. They also provide bank account numbers for the major banks to do a funds transfer should you prefer to use that option. Once payment reflects at PayFast, we get confirmation of a successful payment and we start preparing your order.

How does the package get to me?

We only deliver using a courier. We use “The Courier Guy” and Fastway and have never had problems with them.

What will a courier delivery cost me?

Delivery is Free on almost all products.

How long does delivery take?

Normally, between 24-72 hours. Please leave us one day to process your order.